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Anonymous asked: i hate vegans because they smell



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do musicians have their own music on their iPod as their band name or is it just under ‘me’

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Cerce // P.O.N.X. 

"You regret the way you treated me?
Then get the fuck out already, get the fuck out with your broken heart.
Your threats are a joke.”

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Cerce | Weary

I’m a pile of bones,
Empty and disposable
Don’t you dare fucking tell me I’m too pretty
Tell me about your fear of loss
Right before walking out
I’m still bare, I’m still bare
I’m still bare, I’m still bare
Ribs exposed and all
Sleeping endlessly so I can put this body to rest
Let me put this body to rest

Indecisive, fucking liar
I’m Disposable
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Modern Baseball - Tears Over Beers (acoustic version)

From Kat Kat Records 2013 Summer Sampler

Stream & download HERE.

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The Flaming Tsunamis

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Daehyun Kim - Detached, 2014

Daehyun Kim - Detached, 2014

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following back tons!


following back tons!

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Tigers Jaw by sconevibes on Flickr.
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April fools prank: replace all of the sugar in your house with cocaine

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Pretty hickey 😻


Pretty hickey 😻

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